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Mature content
My Bully: Human!Cronus x Reader :icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 318 156
Kankri x Grub!Reader - Caught
Kankri slipped into one of his bright red sweaters and laced up his plain black converse. It was early morning, about 6 a.m. to be exact, and he was readying himself for a morning walk, just as he did every morning. As he stood up and headed for the door, something stood in his way. Your tiny little body was sitting in front of the door, your big [e/c] bulbs looking up at him curiously.
“Oh, good morning, [Name],” Kankri said with a smile. He bent over and ruffled your baby locks. “Could you kindly move out of the way? I have to get going.”
You simply shook your head.
Kankri frowned. “Now, [Name], you know you must respect your elders. If you would please scootch over just a bit and I’ll be on my way.”
You waddled closer to the door and nudged it with your forehead. Kankri finally understood. You wanted to come with him on his morning commute. “I apologize for not understanding you before, [Name].” He scooped you up and sat you on t
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 602 122
Mature content
Talkative Grub ( Grub Kankri x reader) :iconlemonycoffin:Lemonycoffin 214 100
Human!Kankri VantasXBullied!Reader [Friends?]
TW: Vulgar Language. TW: Bullying. TW: Emotional Bullying. TW: Physical Bullying. TW: Mentions of Suicide.
A girl with (hair length) (hair color) hair was currently sitting against some lockers, her face pressed into her arms that were covered by a long sleeved (patron troll's blood color) shirt which were held up by her knees. Soft sobs could be heard, and there were papers, books, and torn pieces of paper all around her. This girl's name was (First Name) (Last Name), and very day after starting at Skaia High School, she had been bullied. Maybe it was because she didn't have a talent unlike everyone else at this school.
They could sing, or could draw, write, run or something else that this girl knew she didn't have. She didn't even have any friends for gog's sake! All of her friends over the years had either left, or were threatened if they didn't. So the girl was alone, crying into her arms in the hallway, her stomach hurting from where she had been kicked by one of the bullies befor
:iconjessthepegasus:JessThePegasus 93 13
Dave StriderXStressed!Sleep Deprived!Reader
Gripping a (favourite colour) cup in her hand, a girl with dull (hair length) (hair colour) hair watched as words disappeared on her Husktop/Laptop. Sighing the girl placed the cup which was filled with coffee onto the beige oak desk that her laptop was on, before moving the mouse down to an icon on the icons bar.
Stopping on a small ‘w’ the girl clicked her mouse which make a small ‘click’, before a page filled with writing appeared. Placing her pale (skin colour) fingers to the keys, she started to type her mind focused on finishing this task.
Over the past three almost four days, the (hair colour) haired girl had only gotten about five or six hours asleep as she had three assignments to finish by the Monday following, an essay she was currently writing which was due in only five hours, and two exams to study for which were about fifteen percent of her marks for the first semester.
The keys made small ‘clicking’ found as (First Name) clicked down o
:iconjessthepegasus:JessThePegasus 169 18
An Abundance of Apple Juice (Dave X Reader)
(Name) was in the middle of brushing her teeth when her phone started vibrating on the bathroom sink. She already knew who it was before she answered the phone so she didn't bother to look at the caller ID. She cleared her mouth of the remnants of toothpaste and answered her phone. "Sup, Dave?"
"Well good morning to you too, Miss Early Riser," Dave said on the other end of the line. (Name) rolled her eyes while smiling to herself. "Sooo get this, my power is down again and I have no idea when it's gonna come back on."
"Again?" (Name) raised an eyebrow as she rinsed her tooth brush off.
"Apparently so," Dave said.
"So I'm guessing that means that you'll be wanting to crash here for the night again."
Dave laughed and leaned back on his bed. "You can read me like a book, can't you?"
"You better hope so after a year and a half of being together," (Name) said and discarded her tooth brush in the tooth brush holder and turned the water off. "I have to make a run to the grocery store real fas
:iconsolarkittygirl:solarkittygirl 169 32
Dave X Reader Selfie
"(Name) get in this selfie."
"No thanks."
"I will drag you over here"
"Isn't a selfie supposed to be by yourself?"
"Not if I want to take a picture with my girlfriend."
"But your just going to post it on Instagram right?"
"Don't forget Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter."
"Oh you forgot Myspace" (Name) said sarcastitly
Dave stared at (Name) for a moment then sighed, "Ok if you want to play that way", he went on his camera roll and began scrolling down.
(Name) got curious and looked over his shoulder. "What are you looking for?" Dave pretended he didn't hear (Name) and kept his focus on the screen. After a couple minutes he stopped scrolling and grinned.
"I will give you one more chance be in the selfie."
(Name) laughed. "Or what?"
Dave flipped his phone to reveal a picture of (Name) and him in a heated kiss. (Name) blushed deeply and attempted to grab the phone out of his hand.
"When the hell did you take this!?"
Dave shrugged holding the phone abo
:iconknight-of-ice:Knight-of-Ice 327 56
Stop Avoiding Me! (Karkat x Reader)
TRIGGER WARNING: #swearing #slightooc
He was irritated; much more irritated than how he usually is. He laid on the couch in the living room trying to take his mind off of what was irritating him by watching his favourite rom-coms while hugging the pillow his moirail gave him. However, he couldn't keep himself focused on the movie in front of him. He looked out the window, seeing the dark grey clouds setting up outside. He sat up and let out a deep sigh. He ran a frustrated hand through his shaggy, ebony hair, making sure not to touch his nubby horns that sat on his head.
"I have to find her."
You sat down on the couch, staring at the TV, flicking through channels as your friends Rose, Jade, John and Dave sat around you, having a conversation that you weren't that interested in. You couldn't focus on what was happening around you, as your mind had been
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 289 53
Will you be my Valentine? [Kankri x Reader]
You stood nervously in front of the double doors that led to the school's cafeteria. Your hands felt clammy and you clutched the letter in your hand so tightly your knuckles had begun to turn white. You were determined to get it right this time, to finally get over your nerves and tell him how you felt.
It wasn't that you had reservations about pouring your heart out to him, just about his reaction once you had done so. Kankri was rather difficult to deal with even on a good day, as most things in life highly offended him. You were the only person who had stayed around him for more than a year or two. All of your friends put up with him instead of actually holding interest in any sort of acquaintanceship.
You'd always convince yourself that your proposal was flawless, that you had your letter of consent figured out to the last word, but every time you ended up chickening out right before you saw him. Kankri wasn't usually one for relationships (you suspected him of being asexual, which
:iconmakepastanot-war:MakePastaNot-War 173 21
A Cup Of Tea (Kankri x Reader)
No. Oh no. Fuck no. Not this shit. Nope it’s not happening. You don’t want it. You really don’t want it. It’s actually the one thing in life you don't want. You really don’t want him.
You don’t have a crush. You are not flushed. You are friends. He is a friend. Nothing more. You don’t like him.
Oh you fucking like him.
You bang your head on your bedpost and let out a loud groan. Why you? Why must you be cursed with this?
“I can’t believe I fell for him…” You grumble before looking at your pesterchum. You saw a little ding and growled in frustration. Great, time to talk to someone today.
grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began pestering chumHandle [CH]
GA: I Know Your Secret.
CH: You know nothing.
GA: So…Kankri. I Always Expected You To Pursue Another Human Since It Is In Your Nature To Do So But This Development Is Rather Interesting.
CH: I have no idea what you’re going on about.
GA: I Happen To Have Notice
:iconsaltbae:Saltbae 276 98
Eridan x Reader- Please Stop...
“-Eridan, please clam down,” Feferi told her moirail as he paced back and forth in his hive. He growled, looking at Feferi with a desperate look.
“Fef, I havve no idea howw I’m gonna do this.” He said. “Do I take her hand or wwait until our time together is ovver? Can I actually kiss her this time? I don’t wwant to say anyfin to upset her,” he was rambling on now. Feferi smiled.
“W)(y don’t you just ask t)(at troll you always talk to? Karkat was )(is name? He mig)(t be able to )(elp you.” Feferi told him, pointing to his husktop. Eridan practically flew over to it, flipping it open and logging onto Trollian.
caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling carcinoGeneticist [CG]
CA: kar i need your help
CA: wwell, you say youre fantastic at quadrants, right?
CA: so i wwas wwonderin, if you could give me some tips for this troll im hangin out wwith today
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 120 23
Eridan x Drunk!Reader- The Things I Do For You
“Heuy, Eridaaaan, c’mere,” you motioned to the high blood troll. He looked at you and walked over.
“Okay, wwhat in the wwide human wworld wwould you need me for?” He asked. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his shoulders, leaning against him.
“A tailooooor~” You whispered. He just stared at you. “BECAUSE I RIPPED MY PANTS!” You fell down off the chair you were sitting in laughing.
“Wwhat the fuck is wwrong wwith you? I think you’vve had too much to drink (y/n).” Eridan told you, pushing away the drink that was offered to you and helping you off the floor.
“Naw, I’m...I’m fine duuude! I’m just, y’know, in another wurld. And it’s pretty fuckin’ fantasticccc~” You slurred. He groaned.
“C’mon (y/n), wwe’re takin’ you back to your hivve. Sol! Sol!” Eridan yelled. As if out of nowhere, Sollux appeared beside him.
“What the fuck do y
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 221 46
Kankri x Reader- Pocky Game
“Um, (y/n), pard9n my intrusi9n int9 y9ur private affairs 6ut may I ask what th9se are?” Kankri asked, pointing to the box of chocolate pocky you had in your hand. You smiled and pulled one out.
“Pocky~” You sang, holding one out to him.
“And d9es 9ne simply eat 9ne 9f these?” Kankri asked, taking hold of it and putting the non-chocolate end in his mouth. You gave him a sly smile.
“Kind of. Let me explain. Trigger warnings #redquadrants, #unnecessarytouching, #kissing. One person puts the end in their mouth like you just did.” You tapped the end that stuck out towards you. “And the other person puts this end in their mouth. We then see who can eat the most!” Kankri just stood there for a moment.
“S9, we w9uld end up kissing after this is all said and d9ne, c9rrect?” He asked, pulling the pocky out of his mouth and holding it. Oh, was that a hint of red you saw on his cheeks? You nodded excitedly.
“Exactly! Do
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 176 55
Karkat x Reader- Giving in to the Cuddles!
“Come on Kitkaaaat!” You begged. “Just a little bit? Please?” You asked. He crossed his arms across his chest and had a pout on his face.
“No way. Not happening.” He protested. His face was a bit red, which you took as a good sign. Leaning onto his shoulder, you buried your face in his neck.
“Come onnnnnnnn~” You sang.
Sighing, Karkat looked at you and took a deep breath. Oh no, you thought. He’s about to blow. Inching away from him slowly, you got ready for a deafening rant.
“If I say yes, will you leave me alone for the rest of the night?” He asked. You nodded excitedly. His face now more red than before, he opened his arms wide. You smiled and crawled into his lap, snuggling your head into his chest.
He wrapped his arms around you, burying his face in your hair. His breath in your hair made a shiver go down your spine. He closed his eyes, breathing in your scent.
“Flushed for you Karkat,” you whispered. He
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 255 43
Karkat x Reader: ONLY MINE!
You were about to go to your so called Karkat's room or respiteblock. Since the door is slightly opened, you picked in. You saw Karkat and Terezi kissing. You silently closed the door and ran to your own room. You closed your door and collapsed at your bed. You hugged your pillow and cried silently so, no one can hear you. You see, you're crying because you have a huge flush crush on the nubby-horned troll. You were going to confess today but you saw them eating each others faces. You let out a shaky sigh to calm down a bit. You heard a knock on your door, you wiped your tears and took deep breaths. You walked and opened the door.
It was Nepeta, 'Thank Gog' You smiled and stepped aside to let her in. She closed the door when she got in,
"Hi! (Y/n)!" She greeted with a toothy grin at her face. Oh, and by the way, you are the same height as Nepeta so, Karkat's taller than you.
"Hi Nep, what bring you here?" You smiled and tilted your head a bit.
"I HAVE A NEW OTP!!!" She squealed.
:iconyusifel:YusiFel 264 57
Grub!Karkat x Reader He's A Little Crabby
[ Intro: ]
A chubby red looking thing with messy black as night hair; it had huge but yet adorable eyes and the color matched with the body color. What flesh it did have was gray with a tiny hint of pink.It had small tiny black legs, it had what appeared to be horns that reminded you of candy corn. To your surprise it actually looked adorable; it was wiggling in the basket.
"Scree! Scree!" the small creature known as a grub kept yelling. It sounded angry and it looked a little angry.
You picked up the note to closely read it.
"His name is known as karkat; have fun" you frowned a little at reading this. You sighed heavily as you looked at the at the struggling grub. You tried to pick it up; it started to hiss at you; "Yikes" was all you could say. You picked up the basket and gently placed it onto the ground watching it struggle to get out. You gently tipped the basket over to help and it hissed again. You couldn't help but giggle, it seemed like it didn't want hel
:iconmakazeyamazaki:MakazeYamazaki 369 6


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